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Our fully managed service takes care of

everything you need to keep your website running smoothly.

There is no need to go with another company for your hosting plans and another for your website development. We provide the hosting, design and maintenance; This will allow you more time to focus on your business.

Orangesites benefits

Web Hosting

It is the service responsible for the site being online, unlike Facebook or other platforms which are financed with ads.

Orangesites benefits


Unlike traditional hosts that are solely responsible for server maintenance, we maintain the website, that is, we keep all the software that the website requires to function properly updated.

Orangesites benefits


It is important to be prepared with a backup for any type of situation, from human error to a system failure, so we keep historical backups of up to one year and automatic daily copies of the last 30 days.

Orangesites benefits


The website is made up of a set of third-party software who rent (generally) per year the right to use and update it.

Orangesites benefits


Hackers always look for a way to attack a site, therefore, there are methodologies applied to the website and server to minimize the risk of being affected.

These methodologies are constantly changing and are applied on our sites frequently. Example: new restrictions on the server’s firewall, scanning for malicious code inserted into the website through forms or other means.

Orangesites benefits

Security First

We maintain a highly specialized security team to address web security threats.

A team of developers to create advanced custom security solutions and a 24h systems administration team to monitor our platform.

Real-time server health checks

Our unique monitoring system checks the server status every 0.5 seconds and not only detects ongoing problems and fixes many of them automatically, it can also prevent potential problems.

A smart WAF to protect you from exploits

Our security team is on the lookout for emerging threats and software vulnerabilities and writes new smart firewall rules to protect our servers and sites from hacking and breaches.

AI system against malicious bots

Our artificial intelligence system blocks between 500,000 and 2 million brute force attempts per day and stops malicious traffic before it reaches our clients’ sites.

24h systems administration

A team of highly experienced sysadmins monitors our platform around the clock, ready to take immediate action should a problem be detected.

Orangesites benefits


By having our service active, any problem related to the operation of the site is our responsibility with the exception of domain payments or lack of server resources due to the growth of the website.

Orangesites benefits

Changes or updates to the website

Any basic change you need on the site, such as: adding a photo, removing a text and / or changing a number, is included in your web service.

Orangesites benefits

Software optimized for speed

We ran a Linux container deployment with Apache as the web server and Nginx as the reverse proxy. We provide even more optimized custom PHP handling settings with the OPCache extension.

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We offer you a complete package for your site with multiple benefits.

So that you always feel confident that your website is working optimally and is the tool you were looking for to increase your presence on the net.

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